Coroner Arrives at Office of Michael Jackson's Dermatologist

July 14, 2009 By:
Coroner Arrives at Office of Michael Jackson's Dermatologist

An official from the LA County Coroner’s office just showed up to the office of Dr. Arnie Klein, who is Michael Jackson’s longtime dermatologist.

As reported earlier this week, Dr. Klein had failed to produce medical records requested by the court.

According to Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter, Dr. Klein is under investigation for prescribing medication to Jackson, knowing that he was using aliases to obtain more prescriptions.


Dr. Arnold Klein was issued a subpoena this afternoon. Craig Harvey, Los Angeles County's chief coroner investigator released a statement saying, "We are serving a Coroner subpoena at the office of Dr. Klein to obtain medical records. That is all I can comment on."

"We do not investigate physicians, so I cannot comment on that. We routinely serve coroner subpoenas on physicians and hospitals and have served several in connection with this case. I cannot comment on who we have served subpoenas on or what records we have received or not."

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said to Us Weekly, "We are continuing our investigation on the death of Michael Jackson. There are rumors that Dr. Klein is not cooperating, that is not true. We are still conducting an investigation and there is a security hold on the case and I can't comment any further."

Klein’s lawyer Bradley Boyer defends his client, saying: "Dr. Klein has been and continues to cooperate with the coroners office into the investigation if the death of Michael Jackson. There will be no further comments in Dr. Klein at this time. Also the coroner has indicated to us that Dr. Klein is not under investigation by the coroners office."