Conrady Murray Trial: Guard Asked to Remove Propofol from Home

September 29, 2011 By:
Conrady Murray Trial: Guard Asked to Remove Propofol from Home

It's day three of the Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial and Michael Jackson's security guard Alberto Alvarez took the stand today to recount an incident that occurred the day Jackson died.

Alvarez was the man who called 911 the morning MJ died and testified that Conrad Murray had asked Alvarez to remove vials of Propofol from Michael Jackson's bedroom before calling for an ambulance.

Alvarez claims that he received a call from MJ's assistant, Michael Amir Williams, to go to Michael's bedroom. When Alvarez arrived, he found Murray giving the singer chest compressions with one hand and said MJ appeared dead.

Alvarez states that Paris and Prince were in the room crying and Murray ordered that he get the kids out of the room. When Alvarez came back to the bedroom, Murray claimed that Michael had a "bad reaction" and then ordered Alvarez to grab a "handful" of vials and was told to "put these in a bag."

He also had Alvarez remove one of the saline bags from the IV stand, but only cared about the IV that was filled with a "milky white substance" at the bottom of the bag. Alvarez was then shown a picture of a saline bag and a Propofol vial in court and claimed this was the same substance that he was instructed to pack.

Murray also strangely requested that Alvarez put all the vials and IV's in a plastic bag and then inside of a brown paper bag and then place that inside of a blue bag.

Alvarez thought they were packing these items to take to the hospital. Do you think Murray was trying to hide "the evidence?" or could it have something to do with the strange remark he made to MJ's assistant on that same day? MJ's assistant testified that at the hospital, Murray told him he needed to go back to Jackson's house to "get rid of a cream that the world should never see."

No idea what that could mean, but it might be related to the bagging of the Propofol vials.

Ed Chernoff, the defense attorney, who is trying to prove that Michael Jackson cause his own death asked Alvarez if his memory is wrong and asked if maybe Murray ordered him to bag the vials AFTER the paramedics arrived, but Alvarez insists that he was instructed to bag the drugs before calling the ambulance.

This is all becoming too much. Let's hope this case gets closed soon and allows Michael's family to be at peace.