Conrad Murray Requested to Dispose of Embarrassing Cream Left at MJ's House

September 28, 2011 By:
Conrad Murray Requested to Dispose of Embarrassing Cream Left at MJ's House

More weird specifics and details begin to emerge in the Conrad Murray trial.

Dr. Conrad Murray is currently on trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, who died from Propofol poisoning in June 2009.

When Michael was pronounced dead at the hospital, Conrad Murray panicked and strangely requested to rush back to Michael’s house “to get rid of a cream that the world should never see.”

Michael’s assistant, Michael Amir Williams, lied to Murray and told him that his car keys had been taken by the police and he couldn’t get back into the house, stating that he had put the home on “lockdown” by it’s security team.

Apparently, Murray needed to get back into the house and dispose of this cream that would apparently embarrass Michael Jackson if people found out about it? He was so adamant about getting back into the house that he asked to be taken back “to get food” but Williams still refused him.

Williams also recounts during his testimony today that he received a call from Murray that Michael had a “bad reaction” and “to get somebody here immediately” but didn’t call 911 before calling the assistant.

Williams and others testified that Michael appeared fine just days before his death. Just the day before, Williams said he attended a rehearsal and said, “Personally, I thought it was amazing. Later, [Michael] told me he doesn’t go 100 percent at the rehearsals, he was going 30 or 40 percent, but I thought it was great.”

Jacksons’s tour promoter also stated that Jackson seemed upbeat and excited just before his passing.

He said, “[Michael] was fully engaged in rehearsals” and that he gave a “good rehearsal.”

But all these quotes that he was 100% fine the day before he died very much contradict the tape recording of Michael’s slurred speech recorded a month earlier in May 2009 by Conrad Murray, which depicts a very drugged Michael struggling to sound coherent.

Conrad also asked for a CPR machine be purchased for Michael to have backstage at his shows. However, when the concert promoter asked if Michael was okay to perform Conrad claimed Michael was in “perfect health.” Perfect healthy despite needing a CPR machine? Michael may have been a work-aholic but was he really as healthy as everyone claims?

Nothing is making much sense in this case. The prosecution team alleges that Murray was responsible for Michael’s death, the defense team claims Michael caused his own death by self administering the dose of Propofol that killed him.

The trail continues Thursday. If convicted, Murray could get up to four years in prison.