Blanket Jackson's Biological Mother Revealed

August 12, 2009 By:
Blanket Jackson's Biological Mother Revealed

The surrogate mother of Michael Jackson's son Blanket has been revealed. A woman who goes by the name of Helena was reportedly paid $20,000 by Michael to become a surrogate for Prince Michael II, known as Blanket.

Helena's egg was fertilized with the Michael's sperm and implanted into her, according to new reports.

A friend of Michael said: "Michael wanted a designer baby. He had two wonderful children but wanted one more and was quite specific on the gene pool he wanted to tap into."

At the time of Blanket's birth, Michael was listed as the biological father on the birth certificate, but his mothers name was left blank.

The friend added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "He chose Helena because she had a Latino background but she was also a US citizen and had quite fair skin. He liked her because she was very attractive and seemed stable and intelligent. She was a nurse or medical assistant, which he also liked."

Blanket was born on February 21, 2002 in San Diego and at the time of birth Helena signed off on all parental rights.

Since the day Michael passed away, we've heard a new story about his three kids and who their biological parents are every other day. Earlier this week some woman who goes by the name 'Billy Jean' went to court claiming she's the biological mother and wants visitation rights.

Has the whole world gone mad? We're starting to become super suspicious of anyone who comes out of the woodwork claiming to be the biological mother or father of Michael's kids. Do you believe any of these claims?