Michael Douglas: The Tumor is Shrinking

September 10, 2010 By:
Michael Douglas: The Tumor is Shrinking

Good news for Michael Douglas! The actor revealed in a new interview with USA Today that his tumor is actually getting smaller. He really opened up about how his treatment is going, how he feels, and how he told his kids.

"I like my odds,” Douglas said. “I'm not dealing with mortality issues until they tell me, 'Oops, we have to go back and do surgery' or something like that," Douglas says. "The tumor is shrinking. The odds are good."

During the chat, Douglas reportedly poked fun at himself and his condition. "There's never a really great time for cancer, but this is one for the books," he laughed. "Actually I was doing really good, but today has not been great."

Douglas reportedly drank aloe-infused water during the interview to soothe his throat, and admitted he was trying not to let the cancer get to him yet.

He joked, "I haven't found God yet."

He also talked about the whirlwind of a year he’s had—referring to it as being “very nasty.” On top of the cancer, Michael’s son Cameron was sentenced to prison for meth dealing. "Professionally it was great, personally, not so hot," Douglas said.

As for what his days are like now, Michael told the paper, "I have the treatments in the morning. They tend to kind of knock me out till usually the early afternoon. I lie down and take it easy."

His wife Catherine Zeta-ones added, "He's doing just great. It's amazing how some days are better than others."

Michael added, "I was really upset early on, but I've had time to realize that (stuff) happens,” adding that Catherine “was frustrated because she knew how many doctors I had gone to earlier this summer when it was bothering me."

Michael and Catherine made sure to tell their kids Carys and Dylan about the cancer right away. "The kids, yeah, they've been fine,” said Douglas. “I've taken them down to the hospital and shown them the whole radiology thing. They've watched me actually get zapped."

As for Michael’s outlook, he says "a lot of stuff came down at once. I was on a roll for a really, really long time. I believe that things all balance out. I'm happy I have the kind of stamina and tenacity to deal with crises. I haven't had a moment of reflection yet in any of these areas. My son's incarcerated. I've yet to see how his life has turned around. My cancer isn't (resolved) yet. I feel strong."

He’s also leaning on good friends like Danny DeVito, who said, "We have to keep his spirits up. He's still got that jaunty spirit. That gets you through all this kind of stuff."

It’s so amazing to see how strong a person can be in the toughest time of their life. Michael seems to have an amazing support group around him, and we’re pulling for him to be cured! For the full interview click