Michael Douglas: One More Cancer Treatment Left!

October 6, 2010 By:
Michael Douglas: One More Cancer Treatment Left!

Michael Douglas has only one more cancer treatment left! The actor has been undergoing eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, according to People.

His longtime friend and publicist Allen Burry said today that "no further treatments are scheduled,” but periodic check-ups are scheduled, and Douglas will be in recovery for the next six weeks.

"He’s really happy about it ending," says Burry, adding that his friend is still struggling with swallowing and eating. But Michael "was determined not to have a feeding tube, and he didn't have to have one," says Burry.

His wife Catherine Zeta Jones added to reporters, “He’s just finishing up his treatment. He’s holding up very, very well and everyone could not be happier with the progress. He’s doing fine thanks. He’s strong and the doctors are so happy and he’s just about to complete - what anyone who’s gone through it knows - a pretty grueling eight weeks.”

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Douglas just needs to keep up the positive attitude!