Michael Douglas Could Lose His Voice Forever

August 18, 2010 By:
Michael Douglas Could Lose His Voice Forever

Poor Michael Douglas, not only has he been diagnosed with throat cancer, he could potentially lose his voice forever.

Doctors expect Michael to make a full recovery from the illness, but have warned him he may never act again after undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment for the tumor.

Dr. Lawrence Tena, a physician in the department of radiation and oncology at the Beth Israel Comprehensive Cancer Center in New York City, told Fox News: “When a patient is getting radiation and chemotherapy combined, they typically have an advanced stage of cancer.

But the doctor added, “Sixty to 70 percent of patients, even with advanced cancers, survive.”

Lawrence added the positive news is most throat cancers are localized within the body. He added: “Localized means the cancer has not spread below the clavicle. The body has the ability to keep cancers above the clavicle; it is just the nature of the immune system and lymphatic system. If it is local, it is curable.”

We wish Michael a speedy recovery when the time comes!