Michael Clarke Duncan Nearly Dies of Heart Complications

July 13, 2012 By:
Michael Clarke Duncan Nearly Dies of Heart Complications

The man with the deepest voice in Hollywood had some medical complications last night.

Michael Clarke Duncan is reportedly in intensive care today. The actor was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital early this morning when he went into cardiac arrest.

TMZ broke the story…

The Green Mile actor did have a stroke of luck, though. His girlfriend was with him at the time and took control of the situation.

Omarose Stallworth performed CPR on Duncan and was able the resuscitate him. Medical personnel arrived on the scene and took him to the hospital.

Duncan was immediately admitted into ICU, where he is currently resting.

According to TMZ, the actor’s heart rate is currently stable. His lifesaver Omarose is by his side watching over him.

Doctors are trying to get the bottom of why the big man went down.

A sudden cardiac arrest, or SDA, occurs when the heart stops contracting properly. As a result, blood circulation is obstructed. It is different from a heart attack where blood flow into the heart is impaired.

Possible causes for the malfunction include heart disease or some sort of trauma.

Whatever caused it, no doubt Mr. Duncan is thanking his lucky stars that his girlfriend was close by and cool-headed. If not, he could be lying in a different hospital room right now…