Recap: Dexter Doesn't 'Run' From the Tough Topics

October 22, 2012 By:
Recap: Dexter Doesn't 'Run' From the Tough Topics

It’s time to get our hands bloody with fun. Did I really just say that?

The revamped “Dexter” continues to hold our attention four episodes into the seventh season. This week’s show “Run” maintains its streak of tense entertainment, reassuring us that the series really was worth another chance.

Here are some highlights:

Deb Confronts Dexter About Rita’s Death: Dexter’s sister (Jennifer Carpenter) comes down hard on him about the death of his wife Rita, questioning Trinity’s motives for killing her. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) explains that he was after Trinity, but Deb isn’t finished…She questions if he really loved Rita and if he is even human enough to love anything. He tells Deb that he loves her.

Confession and Lawsuit: The episode centers on the case of Ray Speltzer (Matt Gerald) and his weird maze-killing shenanigans. But this fellow is good, l

eaving no evidence at the crime scene. Deb comes through with a solid interrogation that results in a confession. Later, video evidence of Speltzer’s arrest reveals that he didn’t give verbal confirmation that he understood his Miranda Rights. His confession is thrown out and he is suing the department for excessive force.

Suicide Cover-Up: The on-going arch of the Ukrainian mob after Dexter continues… Isaak (Ray Stevenson) and George (Jason Gedrick) show up at the home of one of their bartenders, telling him that if signs a confession and kills himself - thus taking the fall for Mike Anderson’s death - they’ll leave his family alone. He agrees and follows through on the deal.

Father-Son Bond: Along with his love for his sister, Dexter shows us his compassion for his son, Harrison. First, he resists Deb’s suggestions that the boy shouldn’t be around his dad (eventually giving in and sending Harrison away to be with his grandparents) and then again when he gets nostalgic, unable to throw away Harrison's old toys.

Gravely Death: After being put through one of Speltzer’s death mazes himself and surviving, Dexter returns to the killer’s graveyard R.V. home, where he knocks him out with a shovel. Speltzer wakes up strapped to a table in the basement of the funeral home. Dexter kills Speltzer and burns his collection of blood slides (evidence against Dexter) in the home’s cremation oven. Yum…

“Dexter” returns to Showtime next Sunday at 9/8c.