Michael C. Hall Admits There's No Happy Ending on Dexter

December 16, 2011 By:
Michael C. Hall Admits There's No Happy Ending on Dexter

Dexter, the popular show about a serial killer that just nabbed a couple SAG awards, is still hugely successful after six seasons. The show may be heading strongly towards awards season and another two seasons on Showtime, but the show's star Michael C. Hall says his character is heading towards a very unhappy ending.

The season 6 finale airs this Sunday and Michael C. Hall says it's definitely not rainbows and ponies for Dexter.

"I don't know about a happy ending. I think the question is what happens to him. Is he done in? Does he do himself in? Does he get away with it? But even if he gets away with it at this point, there have been a lot of ramifications for his behavior already. What the final verdict will be for him specifically, I can't say. As for a happy ending, I don't think we're in that territory," Hall tells Parade magazine.

In real life, Michael C. Hall was married to and divorced from his co-star Jennifer Carpenter, who plays his adoptive sister Deb on Dexter. Now, at the close of Season 6, Carpenters character is realizing that she's falling in love with Dexter. Did I mention that they are adoptive brother and sister? For a show about a loveable sociopath, it just got more twisted.

"The story has certainly been moving towards some sort of epiphany or recognition on her part," says Hall, "I think from the beginning, storytelling-wise, Dexter and Deb had a relationship that is as central to the story of the show as any.

“To the extent that they've been moving towards each other one way or another. That's been in the cards since the beginning. Obviously, we've been through things personally [the two recently finalized their divorce after separating a year ago], but we remain dear friends and fiercely committed to our work as actors on the show.”

As for Michael C Hall's career as an actor once Dexter ends in two years, he says he doesn't really know yet.

"I couldn't have really imagined the past ten years, and I would like to believe that the next ten years for me have things in store that I couldn't quite imagine right now. I would love to return to the stage. I'd love to do film," admits Hall.