Ladies, Let Michael B. Jordan Brighten Your Day

February 3, 2014 By:
Ladies, Let Michael B. Jordan Brighten Your Day
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The ray of sunshine that is Michael B. Jordan is starring in a new movie alongside his compatriots Zac Efron and Miles Teller called That Awkward Moment, but enough about those two. Let’s take a minute to appreciate the superior acting talent that's JUST Michael Bakari Jordan.


Feeling down? Then please look at Michael B. Jordan, will you?


He’s giving us his full and undivided attention.


Well, not right here.

Being a joker, bless his heart (and tongue).


Back to being attentive because there’s an obstacle in your life and Michael B. Jordan’s here to help.

(Also, that awkward moment when Michael rocked a blue suit better than you, Zac.)


Just sit your ass across from him and watch everything get instantly better.


Your problems are washing away…


…fading to black and white.


Stare into Michael’s eyes. He’ll absorb all your pain.


He'll truly feel all your issues for you.


And eat them all up with a spoon.