M.I.A. Splits From Fiancé

February 7, 2012 By:
M.I.A. Splits From Fiancé

Not a very good week for M.I.A. Madonna has officially put a hex on the singer after her attempt to upstage the Queen of Pop during their Super Bowl performance. Either that, or two random crappy things happened to M.I.A. for reasons that do not involve Black Magic. I’m going with hex.

M.I.A. has a two year-old son, Ikhyd—and no, I didn’t fall asleep at the keyboard, that’s the kid’s name—with musician Benjamin Bronfman.

The two were engaged to be married but have now reportedly split, with M.I.A. spending most of her time in London while her ex-fiance is in New York with their son.

Meanwhile, after flipping off the camera at Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime performance, M.I.A. will be forced to pay fines imposed on NBC by the FCC, according to TMZ. And WTF, I have never put so many three-letter acronyms in a sentence.

According to TMZ’s sources, the rapper signed a contract with the NFL, and in that contract she agreed to pay for any fines the FCC imposed on the NFL.

It’s a clause that was most likely included after Janet Jackson’s nip slip at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Though I don’t know if it was a nip ‘slip’ so much as it was a nip ‘explosion’. Because Justin Timberlake ripped open the door to Janet Jackson’s top and that thing came out like it had been laying dormant for years, ready to finally see the light of day.