Meryl Streep Most Nominated Actor Ever with 17 Academy Awards

January 24, 2012 By:
Meryl Streep Most Nominated Actor Ever with 17 Academy Awards

Meryl Streep just landed her 17th Oscar nomination for her leading role as Margaret Thatcher in the biopic “The Iron Lady.”

This means that Meryl Streep is the most nominated actor in history, man or woman! I wonder what expletives she’ll share with us when she goes to pick up her award?

After Streep misplaced her glasses and dropped that “s” bomb at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep joined an elite group of individuals who have to be bleeped out on live TV, I’m referring to the cast of “Jackass” and rappers. Just rappers in general.


However, this time Streep wasn’t caught off guard (or without her glasses) so she prepared this lovely statement.

“I am honored to be in company with such beautiful artists, and touched deeply by my fellow actors for their generosity in giving my this acknowledgment,” says Streep.

For as many nominations as she’s received, she’s only won twice. I'd say that's a significant snub. Better luck this year?


This Academy Awards is also a record setting year for Woody Allen, who is the most nominated screenwriter ever, gaining his 15th nomination in the best original screenplay category.

Also if he wins this year for “Midnight in Paris” he will be the first to win that category three times.


George Clooney is making strides as a “leading man” with three best actor nominations in four years, (previously nominated for “Michael Clayton” and “Up in the Air”).

John Williams is the most nominated composer ever, grabbing two more Oscar nominations this year, putting his tally at 42 for the movie “War Horse.”