Glenn Close Thinks Meryl Streep Gets All the Best Roles

January 12, 2012 By:
Glenn Close Thinks Meryl Streep Gets All the Best Roles

Glenn Close thinks that there is ageism in Hollywood, which means that nobody wants to give parts to older actors.

According to Close, there are not enough good movies being made about characters that are older because she thinks there aren't enough flicks about the pre-baby boomer generation.

"I think it's a lack of great stories," Close told Hollyscoop at the Palm Springs Film Festival Gala in regards to why there is inherent ageism in Hollywood.

"I think if there were great stories, maybe there would be [more parts]," admits Close

Meryl Streep recently told Vogue that she felt there was obvious ageism, especially towards women, in Hollywood. She told the mag that once she turned 40 she joked to her husband, that "it's over" and also said, "Once women passed childbearing age they could only be seen as grotesque on some level."

We asked Glenn Close, one of Streep's peers what she thought of Streep's ideas about ageism and Close joked with Hollyscoop, "Well, she's never had a problem getting a part."

However, Close isn't having much trouble either, her cross dressing part in the flick "Albert Nobbs" is getting a lot of award buzz. She calls her character in the film "very challenging" and "nothing like I've ever seen in a movie before."

Whether or not Hollywood does or doesn't have ageism, Close continues to keep working and reveals to Hollyscoop who her dream collaboration would be with.

"I would love to work with Martin Scorsese and I would love to work with Jeremy Renner," admits the actress.