Remembering The Original Cast of "The View"

June 8, 2011 By:
Remembering The Original Cast of

It's hard to believe The View has been on for more than ten years. And while we love Whoopi Goldberg's farting and Elisabeth Hasselback's isolating conservative outlook amongst her peers, I remember the good old days with the original cast.

The chemistry was there and they each had distinct personalities. The View was the perfect career launcher, and while only Joy Behar and Barbara Walters remain, Joy has had plenty of outside success, too.

So what's the latest on the rest of the OGs?

Meredith Vieira: Vieira gave the Today show a whole new look when she took over in 2007. Just as adorable as Katie Couric, but a little more of a prankster, Meredith fit in nicely with Matt, Al, and Anne. Meredith enjoyed her run, but in the end, she wanted to go back to being a mom. Before The View, Meredith was co-anchor of the CBS Morning News and then a reporter ABC's Turning Point.

Star Jones: If you were an avid watcher of the early days of The View, you know that Star Jones has always been sassy. As a lawyer and legal correspondent, Jones is used to speaking up. If you want to know the truth, just ask Star, because she'll tell it like it is. It's gotten her into trouble, but it's what got us to love her in the early days. In addition to appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, Jones has also become a full-fledged author, writing three books, the latest of which was released in March.

Debbie Matenopoulos: Debbie was touted as the ditzy one of the show, later replaced by journalist Lisa Ling. Debbie worked as an intern for MTV before becoming a story coordinator. Her youth, good looks, and inexperience made her a sore thumb on the show. These days, she's sticking to what she knows best: Pop Culture. In 2006, she was covered the Golden Globe Awards for E!, and she frequently contributes to VH1 Specials.