Meredith Vieira's Best 'Today' Show Moments

June 8, 2011 By:
Meredith Vieira's Best 'Today' Show Moments

It seems just like yesterday that I was drinking my coffee and getting ready for work while watching Katie Couric's Today show exit. Five years later, and Meredith Vieira is having hers, trying to hold back the tears, because lord knows the woman doesn’t have much moisture to spare these days.

She still looks good, but getting up at 3:00 am and putting up with Matt Lauer every day for five years will run its course on you. But hopefully it was worth it for Meredith, and we're tallying our five favorite Meredith Vieira Today show moments:

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Meredith Vieira Goes After Donald Trump. His contestants on The Apprentice might be afraid to fire back at him, but Meredith Vieira took her balls with her when she left The View. In a 2007 interview with Donald Trump, Meredith asked, " Why would you reduce yourself to this kind of mudslinging with Rosie O'Donnell?" As the interview continued, it got even more tense, with Donald Trump growing visibly upset. But that didn't stop him from coming back for round two in 2011 to threaten a run for presidency.

Meredith Vieira Goes Gaga for Halloween. And she actually pulled it off damn well, especially for someone who claims to have zero sense of style. Of course, she went for one of Gaga's more conservative outfits, her 2010 Grammys get-up.

Meredith Vieira Drops a Sh-t Bomb While taking part in a driving game meant to simulate peoples' distractions while driving, Meredith ran into another car. "Oh shit!" she exclaimed, then immediately covered her mouth with her hand.

Meredith Vieira Hits her head while Ice Skating. Damn, you, Will Ferrell! During an ice skating date with Blades of Glory star Will Ferrell, Vieira fell and hit her head on the ice, yelling, "Ow! That hurt!" We know it was more painful than she let on, but Meredith is a consummate professional.

Meredith Vieira Kicks Matt Lauer in the Balls. It was a behind-the-scenes segment, but it made headlines in 2009. During an interview with Martha Stewart, Matt teases Meredith by playfully shoving her. Her response? Kicking him square in the penis. She immediately felt bad when she saw that it actually hurt Matt—whose "Ow! My balls!" face was priceless.

What's next for Meredith? After being a daytime staple for over a decade on two different networks, Meredith is finally leaving the news/talk show circuit to be around her husband and three children.