Meredith Vieira Confirms She's Leaving Today Show

May 9, 2011 By:
Meredith Vieira Confirms She's Leaving Today Show

Meredith Vieira is signing off. For good. After five years on the Today show, Meredith announced this morning that she’ll be leaving the show next month.

"This is a difficult day for me. I'm trying hard to hold it together," Vieira said while laughing and holding back tears. Her final day will be "in a few weeks," said co-host Matt Lauer.

So why is she leaving a job a million people would kill for? To take care of her ill husband.

There’s a lot of changes going on with TV news anchors. First, Ann Curry will replace Meredith when she takes off. Katie Couric also announced that she’s leaving CBS Evening News to “explore news,” but hasn’t announced where she’s going yet.

But there’s still no word on Matt Lauer's future. It was reported that Matt is also considering a departure from the show when his contract expires at the end of 2012.

I say replace them all with young, fresh faces that’ll cost the networks a fraction of the price and let’s move on with our lives.

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