What to Watch On TV: Friday Edition

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Ghost Whisperer: @ 8pm
Kudos to Jennifer Love Hewitt for handling the criticism over her beach bod so lady-like and giving the media a much needed spanking. Not sure if she is a size 2, women across America need to stand by each other! Tonight, it's a ho ho, oh no! Melinda meets the ghost of Santa Claus... well, at least that's who this seasonal spirit claims he is. Gordon Clapp stars as a confused ghost who believes he is the Jolly Old Elf. Melinda's interest in him keeps her away from her family and friends as she abandons her own holiday plans to help the man remember who he really is and remind him of the true meaning of Christmas. Michael Reilly Burke and Dee Wallace also guest-star.

Men in Trees @ 8pm
James Tupper isn't in the cast tonight, but his character, Jack, isn't far from Marin's mind (and she doesn't even know about his ship sinking yet). So perhaps that's why she's less than hospitable to Cash when he asks to move back in with her. She'll come to regret it. And Jane will regret throwing away Sam's favorite shirt (she calls it "ratty") as she cleans house prior to their move to New York. Then there is Annie and Celia's situation with Patrick. They certainly regret that Patrick the amnesiac is so unlike the Patrick they knew and loved, but that doesn't make them peas in a pod.

Moonlight @ 9pm
Last time on Moonlight, the opening scene packed a big punch. I'm surprised and a little disappointed in Mick, considering the state of his undress, and clearly Beth is upset too. Upset enough to stab Morgan/Coraline through the heart with stake. Normally all that would do is paralyze her…Tonight, Mick hunts for an assassin hired to kill Josef and learns a secret Josef kept from him for more than 40 years. Mick also discovers the hit was put out by a dying man with a personal vendetta against Josef.
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