Rob Estes Confirms Melrose Place Remake

January 9, 2009 By:
Rob Estes Confirms Melrose Place Remake

2008 was the year of the remakes. And the producers behind 'Melrose Place' are finally ready to jump on the bandwagon. Following the success of '90210' there were rumors that a 'Melrose Place' remake was in the works as well.

Hollyscoop caught up with former MP star Rob Estes at the People's Choice Awards to get the scoop on the remake.

"No rumors about it. They got a pilot script rolling, it's definitely going to happen," Rob told Hollyscoop exclusively.

Last month Lisa Rinna confessed to Hollyscoop that if a reunion were to happen, it wouldn't be the same without Heather Locklear. And Rob couldn't agree more.

"I hope [she's on it]. I love Heather. She's an excellent egg. I hope she does go back and do that," he said.

So will Rob be leaving his infamous zip code to make a cameo at the Melrose Place complex? "I don't think so," Rob said. "I think there’s going to be a cross pollination from our show to that show, but I don’t know that Harry will be involved in it."

Melrose Place will certainly not be the same without Heather Locklear, but it would be nice to have Rob back on there too. Having him on 90210 just isn't enough for us.