Lisa Rinna Wants Heather Locklear on Melrose Place

December 16, 2008 By:
Lisa Rinna Wants Heather Locklear on Melrose Place

Lisa Rinna has a lot going on these days. She's been on every major red carpet this past year, she's been a dancing queen on 'Dancing With the Stars' and now she's set to have her own reality show.

Hollyscoop caught up with Rinna at the opening of the new D&G store on Robertson Blvd to get the scoop on her new reality show and the Melrose Place reunion rumors.

When asked her why she decided to do a reality show “I Love Lisa” she said, “I’m doing it because I love reality TV, I loved doing Dancing with the Stars, and we (her husband) thought; let’s create our own show! We named it 'I Love Lisa' and it will be on TV Land. It’s like a 21st century I Love Lucy.”

In regards to what we can expect from the show Lisa said, “Hilarity will ensue. It has to do with me and my husband and our lives and everything else. It will show our lives, which are just like anyone else’s’ yet we aren’t like anyone else at the same time.”

While her new show sounds fun, what we're really excited about is a Melrose Place spinoff and whether Lisa would be on the show.

“Sure, hell, why not?" joked Lisa. "Of course I would. I love that show. I’d love to be apart of it.”

Considering the show was canceled nearly 10 years ago, what would their characters be like now? “I got pregnant and had to leave the show, but in the actual show I went off and had a baby somewhere-I can’t even remember whose baby it was," she joked. "Was it Michael’s or Peter’s? We’d have to find out whose baby it was and then go from there.”

A Melrose Place reunion wouldn't be complete without Amanda Woodward, so is Heather Locklear on board too? “I think if she wanted to do it, I could see her running the complex again. It was her joint. So that’s what she would do if she came back.”

Which characters would you want to see back on the show?