Laura Leighton to Reprise Her Role on Melrose Place

April 6, 2009 By:
Laura Leighton to Reprise Her Role on Melrose Place

Finally! We have an original cast member that isn’t demanding ridiculous amounts of money to reprise their role on the new Melrose Place.

Laura Leighton will be coming back to Melrose Place as Sydney Andrews, who was one of the most popular characters on the original. You may remember her as the chick who got run over by a car on her wedding day on the series finale.

We all thought she was dead! But she must have either healed or come back from the dead, or is just plain bionic.

The Hollywood Reporter says Leighton will be playing the new landlord at the apartment complex. She’ll be playing a recurring character on the show if it gets picked up. But is there any question that it won’t ?? Come on! Bring on the drama!

Laura is the only original cast member so far to join the new cast. Heather Locklear was being courted, but apparently wanted more money than the producers were willing to give her.

How bout some of those original guys getting in on the action? Andrew Shue can’t be too busy these days!