Jessica Lucas Dishes on the New Melrose Place

May 1, 2009 By:
Jessica Lucas Dishes on the New Melrose Place

Hollyscoop caught up with Jessica Lucas of the new Melrose Place at the Invisible Children event last week. She gave us the scoop on who’s in the cast, and how much pressure they are under for the remake.

You may remember Jessica from the new 90210, in which she played Kimberly. But Jess has moved on to the new remake in town, and plays one of the main characters.

She told us, "I play Riley Richmond is her name and she's one of the tenants of Melrose Place. We finished shooting yesterday actually, the pilot."

As for who else is in the cast, Jessica gave us the full rundown: "Yeah Ashlee Simpson, Michael Rady, Katie Cassidy, Stephanie Jacobsen, Colin Egglesfield, Shaun Sipos, and two originals from Melrose Place are Thomas Calabro who played Michael Mancini and Laura Leighton who played Sidney."

We were dying to know more about Ashlee Simpson’s character, but Jessica made sure she wasn’t spilling too many secrets quite yet.

She told Hollyscoop, "She plays... well we have all been living at Melrose Place for a while and she comes in and discovers something very mysterious and you think that she's one way and she actually turns out to be another, that’s all I can say, haha."

And believe it or not Jessica doesn’t feel too much pressure to impress viewers, even though the original Melrose Place is tough to live up to! Jessica said, "I'm not feeling too much pressure cause I didn't really watch the original and I think were really trying to do our own thing."
We can’t wait for the premiere!