Melissa Rycroft Suffers Rib Injury

April 28, 2009 By:
Melissa Rycroft Suffers Rib Injury

The cursed dance floor claims another victim! If you happened to catch Dancing With The Stars last night, Melissa Rycroft was noticeably absent.

Right before Melissa was set to take the stage, DWTS host Tom Bergeron announced that she was suffering from an injury, and team Mambo would have to go on without her.

"This week Melissa suffered a painful rib injury," co-host Tom Bergeron said. "Complications will prevent her from dancing tonight. She's talking with a doctor right now. It looks like she'll be able to continue in the competition."

According to doctors, she's suffering from a hairline fracture of the ribs.
"I hurt my ribs last week doing a difficult move. It was feeling better and then I hurt myself again," she said.

"I felt a blinding pain shoot down my side, so we decided it would be best to go actually have a doctor check it out."

Lacey Schwimmer had to fill in for Melissa during the group dance, but her performance was not judged, instead Melissa got the same score her entire group got, which was a 25.

Luckily for Melissa, she's a fan favorite so she most likely won't be booted off this week. Reaching out to her fans, Melissa took to her facebook to address her injury:

"I was doing alright but went to the doc before dress rehearsal for some last minute treatment and ended up having a bad reaction that's affecting my breathing," she wrote. "Hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll be good tomorrow. But thank you for all the love, support and votes! We need it!"

Which team blew you away last night? team Mambo or team Tango? Who are you rooting for in the competition? Check out Lacey filling in for Melissa below...