Melissa McCarthy: I Hope I'm Not 'Jackassy' When I Meet Glenn Close

January 25, 2012 By:
Melissa McCarthy: I Hope I'm Not 'Jackassy' When I Meet Glenn Close

Melissa McCarthy is in the Oscar game, and that means she’ll be hobnobbing with red carpet veterans and Academy A-listers. Let’s hope she doesn’t channel her Bridesmaids character.

McCarthy admits there’s one celebrity she’s nervous about meeting.

“I hope I can figure out something else to say to Glenn Close other than 'Holy sh-t you're Glenn Close,' " McCarthy told PEOPLE after getting the news of her Oscar nod Tuesday morning. “I just think she makes beautiful, smart, perfect decisions in her characters and roles she plays. She looms very large to me.”

Melissa says she was flustered when she first met Close at the Golden Globes.

“If I got to re-meet her, I hope I say something that’s not as jackassy.”

Maybe start with: ‘Nice to meet you' ?

Melissa’s Bridesmaids costar and writer, Kristen Wiig, also earned a nomination, for Original Screenplay Writing.

"Kristen and [Bridesmaids co-writer] Annie [Mumolo] being nominated to me is such a big deal because ... I know people talk about how much improv we did on Bridesmaids ... [but] the bottom line is Kristin and Annie wrote an amazing script. It was the funniest thing I've ever read on paper."

Another Oscar connection Melissa has is her good friend Octavia Spencer, who earned a nomination for The Help.

“We've all been [friends] for 13 [or] 14 years," she said. "These are people at my wedding. These are my really close, dear friends. ... We are all having this otherworldly year together."