Melissa Joan Hart To Get Hypnotized

February 12, 2008 By:
Melissa  Joan Hart To Get Hypnotized

Melissa Joan Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson hit the Warner party after the Grammys, even though she's 9 months pregnant.

Not only that, but Melissa donned 4 inch Jimmy Choos that her hubby bought for her. The couple dished on their big Valentine's Day plans, and it doesn't include a dozen roses! Melissa and Mark will be attending a hypno-birthing class to prepare her for her second pregnancy.

She says, "It's to deal with the pain. I had a really rough time the first go around." Sounds like an episode of A Baby Story on TLC. Those women were always having crazy births, like in a hot tub. If hypnotizing makes you feel better, more power to ya! She's due at the end of February. Check out the video below to get all the scoop on the baby and their upcoming V-Day plans.