Melissa Etheridge Raises Awareness for Cancer Foundation

June 15, 2009 By:
Melissa Etheridge Raises Awareness for Cancer Foundation

Melissa Etheridge has had her own personal struggle with breast cancer, and now she’s lending her name to a foundation to bring awareness to the cause.

Melissa has become the board of directors of the Noreen Fraser Foundation, which raises money to develop new prevention methods and non-toxic therapies for women with breast cancer.

Melissa said in a statement, "I have been searching for an organization to lend my name and insight with the same beliefs, outlook and treatment practices to combat women's cancers as I do. I look forward to helping NFF achieve their goals."

Noreen Fraser, President & CEO of the Noreen Fraser Foundation added: "We are very excited to have such a passionate cancer advocate and humanitarian join our board. The Foundation will benefit greatly from Ms. Etheridge's insight and experience – we look forward to working together to help women everywhere."

We love seeing celebrities use their money and star power to raise awareness for causes such as this! Melissa Etheridge was able to overcome her illness, and this will be an inspiration to so many other women in the same position.