How Will X-Factor Winner Melanie Amaro Spend Her $5 Million Prize Money?

December 23, 2011 By:
How Will X-Factor Winner Melanie Amaro Spend Her $5 Million Prize Money?

X-Factor just crowned it’s first ever US winner last night and now Melanie Amaro is $5 million richer and on her way to her first ever record deal.

But how will she spend that $5 million? Buy a new car? Buy a new face? Buy a Zoo?!

No, Melanie Amaro wants to buy a lifetime supply of chicken, as in the eating kind, and not the petting kind.

“I can’t live without it,” she says, “it’s my favorite food.”

Awww, how cute, she’s so un-Hollywood. Give her a year and she’ll be spending her money on chicken-alternative nuggets and complaining that $5 million “just can’t buy you a decent home in LA anymore.”

She tells People, “Life will change a lot. The most I have ever had before was $200, if I was lucky.”

But the Sunrise, Florida native does say she wants to buy her family a new home because, “The one we live in now sucks.”

She’ll probably also have to get an apartment in LA, because reportedly four record labels are begging to sign her.

She also reportedly wants to splurge on a wait for it, a foot massage. Like I said, soo un-Hollywood.

When she won last night, they tell her the amazing news, she starts bawling and then they shove a mic in her hand and yell “Now sing!” So naturally she forgot most of the words but triumphantly sang “Listen” even through the tears.

“I couldn't remember any of the words," she says. "I was so overwhelmed; it was such a surprise to me."