X-Rays and Texts Critical Evidence Against Mel Gibson

July 22, 2010 By:
X-Rays and Texts Critical Evidence Against Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson sounds like an absolute monster in the audio recordings with Oksana Grigorieva, but new texts have now been revealed proving he was apologetic towards her.

RadarOnline.com has the texts from Gibson in which he says, "Oksana, I wasn't safe for you last night.”

He wrote this the day after he allegedly punched her and broke her two front teeth. "I spent two hours with a therapist today and have regained some perspective,” he continued. "[I] would like to come by and make amends to you, sascha and Lucia. I won't stay just let you say your peace and I'll say mine. Let me know if it's alright!"

Oksana: "I have two broken front teeth and a concussion. I can not c u today, I'm hurting."

Mel: "Did you get them fixed yet? "I need to see you this evening and then I promise I'll leave you alone for as long as you want...If only for 10 minutes. Please."

In addition, TMZ reports that X-Rays were taken two days after Gibson allegedly punched Oksana. She visited a doctor, complaining of headaches, and he ordered the X-Rays.

It seems like Gibson has pretty much painted himself into a corner. Good luck getting out of this one!