Robert Downey Jr. Defends Mel Gibson: Getting Fired Doesn't Mean Anything

October 29, 2010 By:
Robert Downey Jr. Defends Mel Gibson: Getting Fired Doesn't Mean Anything

Thanks to a few vulgar voicemails that were "accidently" leaked, Mel Gibson has been in PR hell this year. Not only has he been portrayed as an angry monster, he's having a hard time getting work.

If anyone knows what it's like to struggle to find work it's Mel's good pal Robert Downey Jr., who thanks to a drug addiction couldn't secure work--until Mel gave him a chance.

Robert is now has defended his pal Mel over his troubled personal life and career insisting what we hear about him in the media doesn't mean anything.

"It doesn't mean anything," Robert told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY about Mel’s image and reports of him getting fired while promoting his own movie Due Date at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Thursday night.

"The great thing about Mel is that you know someone for 25 years, whenever someone asks you a question about him in the media it doesn't mean anything," Robert told Hollyscoop adding, "I just talk to the guy and we have a friendship."

When Robert was down and out and completely uninsurable Mel gave him a chance by casting him in the Singing Detective back in 2003, two years after he kicked his drug habit.

"Mel Gibson cast me in Singing Detective, even though an insurance company wouldn't cover it because it was my first film after my release from behind bars," he told Parade magazine back in 2009.

Mel was recently fired from The Hangover sequel because the cast didn’t want anything to do with him. But his good pals are coming to his rescue and defending him as an actor. Jodie Foster defended Mel at the Women In Hollywood event telling Hollyscoop, “He’s been an amazing friend, pretty much anyone who will ever meet or has met with or worked with him, adores him and he’s had his friends that surrounded him for a very long time.”

Everyone loves a comeback, but maybe Mel needs to lay low for a while longer before he attempts to make his comeback. Fans are forgiving, but not that forgiving. Do you think Mel’s career is done, or will he bounce back like Robert?