Report: Reality Star Claims Mel Gibson Is Her Baby Daddy

November 10, 2011 By:
Report: Reality Star Claims Mel Gibson Is Her Baby Daddy

A woman thinks Mel Gibson is the father of her child, and no, that woman is not Mariah Yeater.

Laura Bellizzini starred in VH1's Secrets of Aspen in 2010, and dated Mel Gibson over the summer. Ah, the road to fame. Now, a close friend of Bellizzini's is claiming that the reality star knows Mel is the father of her child, but she doesn’t want the news to go public.

"Laura’s being as secretive as she can be about it,” the insider told Star. “But she’s really showing now, and people are beginning to ask the question: ‘Who’s the daddy?’”

If this is true, I'm not sure why it's necessary to be so secretive about it. Mel Gibson is 55 years-old, and this would be like, the least scandalous thing that's happened to him in years. I mean, the dude is still being shunned for his Jew and gay bashing. I don’t think people are going to be super shocked to know he had sex at one point.

The source says that Laura is more than four months pregnant. Mel and Laura were last spotted together at the Mondrian hotel's Skybar in West Hollywood on June 15.

"Laura and Mel met through some mutual friends in Malibu, and the chemistry was instant," the source said.

A member of the reality star's family confirmed that the child will indeed have "a famous father" who is "an A-lister."

However, both Bellizzi and Gibson have denied the claims and a friend of Mel's tells Star that it's "physically impossible" for Mel to have fathered the child. Seeing as he already has 8 kids, I'm not so sure about that one. He's almost got half a Duggar clan going.

Gibson has seven children with his estranged wife, Robyn Moore. He also has a daughter from his relationship with Oksana Grigorieva.

Meanwhile, it looks like Mel has moved on to the next uterus. Last Wednesday, the Braveheart actor was spotted out on a date with a tall brunette woman. The two were photographed embracing at a Beverly Hills hotel around midnight. After dropping hundreds of dollars on a three-course meal and some expensive cocktails, Mel hugged and kissed the woman goodbye. TMZ identified the woman as actress Azita Ghanizada. And a rep for the actress said it wasn't a date.

I'm sure Mel wished he would've known that before paying for dinner.