Report: Oksana's Sister Leaked Mel Gibson Tapes

July 23, 2010 By:
Report: Oksana's Sister Leaked Mel Gibson Tapes

We’re hearing a rumor today about who may have leaked the horrific Mel Gibson tapes. All along we thought it was Oksana Grigorieva, even though she denied her involvement.

But sources say it was her younger sister Natalie that released them! A source told The Hollywood Reporter, “I suspect that if the authorities look at the sister, they’ll find a wire transfer or a check to her from the website. She and Oksana are very close.”

There are whispers that Natalie shopped the tape around to several outlets before agreeing to sell to Radar. This could directly affect the custody battle between Mel and Oksana, and may result in Grigorieva being found in contempt of court.

“All the tabloids said no to the deal because they were asked to purchase the audio tapes before hearing them,” said the source.

If this ruins Grigorieva’s chances of getting custody to her own child, it will be very sad. Regardless of who leaked the tapes, Mel Gibson shouldn’t be allowed near any child, let alone his own.