Oksana's Reply to Mel: You're Amazing

September 21, 2010 By:
Oksana's Reply to Mel: You're Amazing

What in Sam hill is going on here?! This morning we got word that Mel Gibson opened up to Oksana Grigorieva and apologized via email one day after he hit her.

And now TMZ is reporting that Oksana wrote back to him saying he didn’t do anything wrong!

Previously, she’s claimed that she feared for her life, but not according to this response! She wrote back (in broken English):

"Please don't torcher urself like that, please!!!! U dint do anything to be so hard on urself. U r amazing man and always will be in my eyes and I will make sure Lucy knows it."

"U r an anusually extraordinary person. Ur versitile talent speaks louder than the words! U r capable to make a masterpiece about jesus and to build the church for him! U r just one person, but u did this! In itself it's a lifetime wearthy atchivements, but for only chosen one."

Oksana ends her email by writing, "I love u, that doesn't change. Even if u don't want it anymore."

We don’t know who to believe! But we’re less inclined to feel sorry for Oksana after reading this! We just feel bad for their poor daughter who has to deal with having two crazies for parents!