Oksana Speaks: Mel Gibson is a Liar!

July 23, 2010 By:
Oksana Speaks: Mel Gibson is a Liar!

Oksana Grigorieva has kept her silence long enough over Mel Gibson, and now she’s finally speaking up! She ran into the paparazzi today outside her lawyer’s office in LA, and they asked her if it was true that her sister leaked the audio tapes.

ET has footage of the encounter.

Oksana denied her sister’s involvement with the tapes, and said, "Mel is lying. He's lying. There's no extortion, and there's no texts and no emails.”

She also added that her focus right now is her daughter Lucia. “I'm fighting for my child,” she said. “[Mel's] just a liar, and it will come up in the court, just wait."

Referring to her sister Natalie having the tapes, Oksana told the paps, "She doesn't have them. She erased them a long time ago."

Grigorieva’s rep also issued a statement saying, "Oksana emphatically denies that anyone on her side, specifically her sister, leaked or marketed to Radar Online or anyone else ... Radar has again confirmed it was neither Oksana or her sister who gave them recordings."

This is just heating up! But if you watch the video, Oksana looked pissed!