Oksana Accuses Mel Gibson of Domestic Violence!

June 25, 2010 By:
Oksana Accuses Mel Gibson of Domestic Violence!

How the tables have turned! We’re hearing now that Oksana Grigorieva was the one who got a restraining order out on Mel Gibson, not the other way around!

According to TMZ, she claims Gibson was violent towards her, and her lawyers rushed to downtown LA to the family court earlier this week for an emergency hearing. They reportedly told the judge that Mel was “extremely violent.”

Mel Gibson Files Restraining Order Against Baby Mama

The judge issued the restraining order preventing Mel from having any contact with Oksana. But Gibson went back the next day and got the order modified so he could have contact with his daughter he shares with Grigorieva.

He then got his own restraining order against her, but only to make sure she didn’t make specific information public. So our question is, when did the domestic violence occur, since they’ve been broken up for awhile now….

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ the incidents occurred in January, but then Oksana proceeded to travel with Mel all over the world. The source said, "In these cases, when somebody cries wolf, the judge is mandated to assume there's a wolf, until a full hearing can be held."

Sounds like a case of he said-she said!