New Mel Gibson Tape: 2 Minutes, 25 F-Bombs

July 28, 2010 By:
New Mel Gibson Tape: 2 Minutes, 25 F-Bombs

What's a day without a new Mel Gibson tape right?

The night Oksana Grigorieva left Mel Gibson, he was clearly upset because he called her over 30 times and left some nasty voicemails.

Not surprisingly, has obtained those tapes where Mel calls Oksan “f*cking disloyal and f*cking weak” and “such a f*cking sl*t”.

He was so pissed that he dropped 25 F-bombs in two minutes. We're surprised how he's hasn't had a heart attack yet.

One of the messages says:

“You have f*cked me up!”

He adds: “You have f*cked me up. You have f*cked me up. I did nothing but help you. But you f*cking shat on me like a low-life sl*t.”

In another message he tells her never to sleep again. “Just making sure you’re awake, if you were trying to sleep. Because I am awake — and you deserve to be.”

“Don’t ever sleep again,” he repeats. “Don’t sleep as long as I don’t sleep.”

He basically made a lot of phone calls. At this point we get that Mel is a very angry man and he doesn't like his ex-Oksana very much. We're pretty bored by all these recordings at this point.