Mel's Family: We Got Your Back!

July 18, 2010 By:
Mel's Family: We Got Your Back!

Mel Gibson and his anger management issues have been the topic of conversation for everyone these past few weeks.

His ex Oksana Grigorieva has come forward to the public and alleged that Mel is an angry woman beater.

So who's standing by his side during this tough time? The woman he left to be with Oksana! Dumb move Mel!

His ex Robyn and their seven children fully support Mel and have been trying to keep his head up high during this tough time.

“He has a good support system in his friends and family,” a source told People magazine. “Mel and Robyn are continuing to raise their kids together.”

Even though Mel really screwed over Robyn, she still came to his defense in a HUGE way. She basically saved his ass by writing a declaration to the court swearing that he was never an abusive husband or father.

“Mel didn’t ask Robyn for the affidavit,? where she says that he never engaged in any physical abuse towards her,” said the pal.

“?Robyn just felt that enough is enough and stepped in to show that she? still values her marriage to Mel and that she is sick of the media ?portraying Mel as a heartless and abusive monster.”

Do you guys think Mel is done in Hollywood or will he get another chance?