Mel to Crisis Management Team: Help Me!

July 15, 2010 By:
Mel to Crisis Management Team: Help Me!
Mel Gibson is in hot water after allegedly going on a racial rant in a series of voicemails that his ex Oksana Grigorieva reportedly released.

He threatens to kill her in most of the voicemails and bury her "in a rose garden," which obviously didn't sit well with most Mel Gibson fans.

His camp has stayed pretty quiet about the whole ordeal and we just found out he's hired a crisis management team to help him deal with this PR nightmare.

"We understand that Mr. Gibson is going through a tumultuous personal time right now, but we also realize his enormous talent and potential as an artist and advocate for public and philanthropic causes," said Martin Eisenstadt, CEO and Founder of the EisenstadtGroup, a Washington DC based crisis management consulting firm.

"Regrettably much of Hollywood, including Mr. Gibson's former agency, has turned its back on him," said Eisenstadt. "But Mel still embodies the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans, and especially in this campaign season, we feel that he can give voice to the unheard mainstream."

Ya good luck that one guys. In the meanwhile, Oksana's lawyers are going to court today to ask a judge to revoke Mel's visitation rights, claiming he's a danger to little Lucia.

Stay tuned because we have a feeling this is just the start of a very dramatic Mel/Oksana day.