Mel Gibson's Mistress Asked to Keep Quiet

April 23, 2009 By:
Mel Gibson's Mistress Asked to Keep Quiet

After news of Mel Gibson's divorce broke, the Russian pop star he was allegedly having an affair with was quick to talk to the press about her relationship with the $950 million dollar man.

Russian pop star Oksana Pochepa insists she was the one he was caught canoodling with on the beach in Costa Rica last month and even went as far as saying she's fallen in love with him.

Well we know she's fallen in love with something, we just don't know if it's him, his money, or the press she's getting, but his lawyers have finally intervened and asked her to keep her mouth shut until the divorce is final.

Pochepa says, “Until Mel and his wife Robyn settle their relations, no one has the right to speak about this. It is unfair. It’s not normal.

She added, "As soon as the divorce happens, I will be able to comment. He is a superb man. I have no choice except to keep silent now.”

Gibson's lawyers fear that any further revelations, or interviews from her part could cost him a huge chunk of his fortune in a divorce settlement. Sounds about right. What's your prediction with this divorce? How much do you think Mel's ex wife of 28 years will walk away with?