Mel Gibson's Friends Sent Him Hookers As Gifts

September 10, 2010 By:
Mel Gibson's Friends Sent Him Hookers As Gifts

Mel Gibson's friends hated his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva so much, they would reportedly send him hookers in hopes that it would ruin his relationship with Oksana.

According to Oksana's father Petr Chernukha, Mel's relationship with his daughter went sour after his friends started to convince him it was time for the relationship to end.

He told The Sun newspaper: “They brought prostitutes for Mel to his office and even to their house when Oksana was away. Mel was openly jealous of the attention Oksana gave her son. He hated Alexander and even hit him once.

“After that Oksana did her best to avoid them being together.”

Mel and Oksana have been in a bitter custody battle over their 10 month-old daughter Lucia since April. Oksana's already getting $6K a month for child support, but she claims it's not enough and wants more like $40K. What does a baby need $40K for?! It was obvious from the start she was after his money. She reportedly made half a million off those "leaked" tapes. Oh baby mama drama, it never gets old!