Mel Gibson Won't Marry His Pregnant Girlfriend

September 22, 2009 By:
Mel Gibson Won't Marry His Pregnant Girlfriend

Mel Gibson is in the middle of one of the most expensive divorces of all time, so you can bet he won't be walking down the aisle again anytime soon. In fact, he won't even discuss marriage with his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel's girlfriend Oksana stopped by British morning show GMTV early Tuesday morning to talk about her famous boyfriend and her growing baby bump.

"Actually we have no plans to marry whatsoever," she told the morning show GMTV. "I haven't thought about it – we haven't spoken about it."

"I have a 12 year old, so I've been a mother for 12 years – and of course, there is no first time mother's trepidation as such," Grigorieva said.

"So naturally it's more relaxed, and I'm very dynamic so the pregnancy falls into my work schedule."

Oksana, like almost every other pregnant woman in Hollywood, is due in December. What a busy New Year it's going to be!