Mel Gibson Wants Girlfriend to Take Paternity Test

June 6, 2009 By:
Mel Gibson Wants Girlfriend to Take Paternity Test

Mel Gibson reportedly wants his pregnant girlfriend to take a paternity test because he wants to know if he is the father of her unborn baby.

“Mel really loves Oksana, but he’s a businessman, too. He really had no choice but to ask for a DNA test,” an insider told a tabloid.

Mel's kid are the ones who convinced him to take a paternity test to make sure he is the father.

“Some of Mel’s closest friends in his church convinced him that it’s the practical thing to do. There’s just too much at stake,” the insider added.

“Mel doesn’t believe that Oksana has been with anyone else, but after hearing misgivings from his children and friends, he decided he had no choice. Oksana wasn’t happy about it, but once her baby is born, there will be a paternity test.”

Do you guys think Mel is the father of the unborn child? We highly doubt that Oksana would risk her relationship with Mel to be with another man. There's a lot of money at stake!