Mel Gibson in Talks to Appear on Mad Men

September 23, 2010 By:
Mel Gibson in Talks to Appear on Mad Men

Mel Gibson has had a pretty bad last few months. But could he be headed for a comeback? Sources say Gibson is in talks to appear on one of the biggest shows on television—Mad Men.

According to The Women on the Web, Gibson has met with show creator Matt Weiner about the possibility of appearing on the show next season.

And we’re not talking a one-episode deal; this would be a guest-starring role with a character arc and everything. Gibson is reportedly a huge fan of the show, and feels it’s a good foray back onto the screen, since most of his movie deals are falling through.

As for Weiner, sources say he recently told a friend that he sees a lot of dramatic potential pitting Mel against Don Draper.

Seems like too much of a PR stunt to us. Mad Men is fine on its own without Mel! Don’t go to the dark side!