Mel Gibson Gets Unsupervised Child Custody

September 27, 2010 By:
Mel Gibson Gets Unsupervised Child Custody

Mel Gibson's baby mama Oksana Grigorieva was careful when signing documents having to do with money, but when it came to her daughter Lucia she didn't think twice before giving Mel joint legal and physical custody.

According to TMZ, Oksana signed a "Child Custody" agreement in May which gives Mel unsupervised contact with Lucia. Keep in mind this was signed months after their massive blowout.

Shortly after she signed it, she claimed she didn't know the agreement gave Mel "unsupervised" contact with the daughter and wants the deal off the table now.

Not only does he have joint legal custody, as soon as Lucia turns 3, the custody turns into a 50/50 deal.

The agreement even breaks down who gets Lucia on which holidays!

Of course Oksana is livid about all this and wants her lawyers to get her out of this agreement. And she wants a sh** ton of money from Mel every month. The drama continues...