Mel Gibson Custody Battle Settled - Forks over $750,000 to Oksana

August 31, 2011 By:
Mel Gibson Custody Battle Settled - Forks over $750,000 to Oksana

Remember when Mel Gibson was the love interest in romantic comedies and made movies about Jesus? Yah, me neither.

Now Mel Gibson only turns up in the news for his baby momma drama or if he's being homophobic/anti-Semitic/racist/misogynistic.

After nearly two years of drama, Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva have finally reached an agreement in their custody settlement. Mel has agreed to give $750,000 to Oksana as part of their settlement.

Who says money can't buy love? Mel will give Oksana 3 installments of $250,000, the first will be made today. The next payment will be in two years and the last will be made on Jan. 1 2016.

Additionally, Mel will be required to set up a fund for their daughter Lucia, who turns 2 in October. Lucia and Oksana will continue living in the multi-million dollar home that Mel pays for until Lucia turns 18, at which point the home will be sold and the proceeds will be placed in a trust for Lucia. Additionally, if anything at the home needs repair, Mel will have to pay for it. But only up to $5,000.

Did you know that Oksana and Mel were only together for a year? Their custody battle has lasted longer than their union.

Oh, both Oksana and Mel cannot write books about the other person. However, they didn't say anything about using fake names that rhyme with their real names? I'm sure Oksana could get away with a book like, "How Kel Ribson ruined my life and then I got $750,000?" and Mel could probably pen, "The Russian Baby Momma That Stole My Daughter."

Both Mel and Oksana seemed okay with the settlement. I'm sure $750,000 and the giving up his home to his daughter is pocket change to the actor who's estimated net worth is around $900 million.

Mel told the judge, "Thanks for a reasonable conclusion." and then Oksana told the judge, "Thanks to the judge for the tremendous help to resolve this matter."

Additionally, the couple will have joint legal and physical custody of their daughter. Before this agreement, Mel was only allowed 3 overnight visits with Lucia every 2 weeks.

The settlement states that this is the same amount of financial support that Mel Gibson gives to his seven other children from his marriage to Robyn Gibson.

Oksana had previously been asking for insane amounts of money, but her demands didn't fly. The original settlement in 2010 was for $15 million, but she turned it down because she wanted more money! She also wanted an additional $500,000 in damages for the alleged trauma she claims Mel caused her 14 year old son, Sasha, whose father is actor Timothy Dalton.

Oksana claims Mel traumatized the boy during the physical fight between Mel and Oksana that ended their relationship. She didn't get any of those demands.

Additionally, Gibson's divorce from his ex-wife Robyn Gibson was finally settled in June of this year after filing for divorce in April of 2009, the same month that Gibson went public with his relationship with Grigorieva. When Robyn filed for divorce under the “reason for split”, she just wrote: “It’s Mel Gibson”.

Damn, he's gonna funnel away his money in all his various alimony and child support payments, he better join Dancing With the Stars and quick.