Mel Gibson Attends Premiere Oblivious To Audio Rant Release

April 19, 2012 By:
Mel Gibson Attends Premiere Oblivious To Audio Rant Release

Mel Gibson’s latest, and self-funded film “Get the Gringo” gave its one-night only theatrical run in Austin, Texas last night but people are having a hard time hearing THAT news over his most recent screaming rant that also made it's debut on Wednesday.

An alleged unauthorized recording of Gibson at his home in Costa Rica was released by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, featuring the actor in an explosive rant, criticizing the writer for not handing in a draft for a project titled, “The Maccabees.”

In the recording, Gibson also made a point to storm about, knock things over, and drop a butt-load of obscenities.

Mel’s latest meltdown is quickly popping up all over the Internet, but you would never have guessed anything had happened based on an interview he gave at the premiere.

“Many people just like to see things in their homes,” Gibson said, explaining the straight-to-DirectTV release of “Get the Gringo. We’re just in a different era. I think it’s the future.”

You think it’s the future? Mel, you better get with it fast if you’re going to keep playing this abusive role of “yourself.”

With the whole era confusion, maybe Gibson isn’t aware that there are things like iPods that anyone can use to record and post any slip-up he decides to spew.

Eszterhas’ son Nick recorded Mel's temper tantrum on the actor's Costa Rican property where the family was staying as houseguests. The recording allegedly hit the Internet as a defense mechanism after Gibson called Eszuterhas a liar.

Still, Gibson seemed oblivious...

“It’s phenomenal,” he said, going on about a new Viking film project with writer Randall Wallace. “I can’t wait to get my claws on it.”

According to Eszuterhas, Wallace was also present during the recorded incident.
If after reading this you're still a fan of Mel Gibson's work, you can catch "Get the Gringo" exclusively on DirectTV on May 1.