Mel Gibson Asks God to Forgive Him For His Many Sins

July 27, 2010 By:
Mel Gibson Asks God to Forgive Him For His Many Sins

Some of you may not know but Mel Gibson built a chapel in Malibu in 2003. Though this could not have been premeditated, but the chapel came pretty handy when he attended Sunday mass this past weekend.

Since most churches would rather not have anything to do with him right now, he had the luxury of going to one he commissioned himself. This highlights an important need that a lot of Hollywood mega-stars cannot afford not to have: The private house of worship.

Hollywood stars employ public relations firms, lawyers, and a myriad of advisors, but often fail to have their own house of worship built so they can cower in front of their God in peace and at their own convenience. Mel is somewhat of a pioneer in this regard; however, he did make the mistake of making his chapel public. The wiser thing would have been to have a private place away from the leering eyes of the media.

Hollywood big-wigs should learn from Mel’s plight and break ground on their very own house of worship. After all religion is a personal matter, and if at all possible should be kept within the borders of mega mansions.