Mel Gibson and Wife Request Divorce to be Private

June 11, 2009 By:
Mel Gibson and Wife Request Divorce to be Private

Mel Gibson's wife doesn’t want anyone knowing how much she’ll be getting in her divorce settlement.

The court has granted Robyn Denise Moore-Gibson’ request of keeping details of her divorce to Mel Gibson private.

The protective order covers expert witness reports, tax returns and financial records, as well as videotaped depositions and other family-related material. Mel also backed this decision.

Mel and Robyn both signed the document back in April, long before the hoopla of Mel’s new girlfriend announcing her pregnancy. LA Superior Court judge Frederick Shaller didn’t sign it however until this week.

Mel is reportedly worth $900 million dollars. Think she’s get half? She did put up with him for 28 years! And now that Mel allegedly had a girlfriend during that time, it looks like the favor will lie with Robyn.