Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Finally Reach Divorce Settlement

June 28, 2011 By:
Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Finally Reach Divorce Settlement

There was a time when Mel Gibson was known as a non-racist, sane, devoted husband and father. It was a long time ago.

In April of 2009, Gibson’s wife of twenty-eight years, Robyn Moore, filed for divorce. And when she filled out the paperwork, under “reason for split”, she just wrote: “It’s Mel Gibson”.

It’s taken them over two years to reach a settlement on the terms of the split. Moore’s lawyer appeared before a judge on Tuesday to announce that the couple has come to an agreement, which includes property settlements. The official paperwork is expected to be filed in August, which will make the divorce final.

The terms haven’t been revealed, but because there was no pre or postnuptial agreement, “any income earned or property purchased during the marriage is considered communal property,” according to L.A. divorce attorney Stacy Phillips.

The couple owns three Malibu homes, purchased for over $16 million combined. Oh, and an island in Fiji and a ranch in Costa Rica. Gibson also sold $46 million worth of homes from 2004 to 2007. Meanwhile, there’s a guy on my block whose ceiling is a bus stop bench.

In addition to the millions they share in property, Gibson’s production company is a huge source of income for him, with The Passion of the Christ raking in $800 million alone.