Mel Gibson Aiming to Leave His Child Penniless

August 20, 2010 By:
Mel Gibson Aiming to Leave His Child Penniless

Mel Gibson has proven via audio tape how much he hates his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva, but now he’s trying to leave her with barely any money. And that’s going to directly affect his own child they have together!

According to, he’s trying to keep his child support payments to $6000 a month.

While that may sound like a lot for some people, Gibson reportedly spends a total of $600,000 on himself a month! Grigorieva was in court yesterday to try and raise the payments, given how loaded Mel is.

Mel insists some of her expenses – such as bodyguards – are a waste.

Mel's lawyers are arguing Lucia is a baby and doesn't need more than the $6,000 he plans to pay, despite it being only 1% of what he shells out on himself each month. In the same breath, Mel claims his own expenses are not an extravagance but a necessity — the total is just for his living costs and doesn’t even include such luxuries as his private jet.

According to sources inside Oksana’s camp, Mel has only paid her $18,000 in child support since last December. He also claimed in one of the audio tapes that all the money he made is gone, yet he continues to live lavishly.

He rants in one tape: “I don’t have any f** king money! I have to support you and everybody else! I have to sell paintings. I have to sell my box at the Lakers game.”

We highly doubt he has “no” money left. More like he has “no” money he wants to hand over to Oksana!