Judge Sides With Mel Gibson

July 16, 2010 By:
Judge Sides With Mel Gibson

Sorry Oksana Grigorieva, the judge thinks you're full of it. Mel Gibson won big in court yesterday when the judge in his ongoing custody battle sided with him.

How the hell did that happen? Even though Mel screwed his soon to be ex wife Robyn over, she came to his rescue in a very big way. Sources tell TMZ that Robyn's 1 page declaration was "powerful evidence" in yesterday's hearing.

Robyn told Judge Scott Gordon that in the 28 years they were married "Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage." And the judge took her word for it!

According to TMZ, before becoming a judge, "Gordon was a prosecutor in the L.A. County D.A.'s Office, specializing in domestic violence. The D.V. Unit has a mantra ... a man who commits domestic violence against one woman does it to everyone he's involved with. We're told Robyn's declaration resonated in the courtroom."

Basically the judge doesn't think Mel poses a danger to his daughter, baby Lucia, and he'll continue to have visitation rights as well as one overnight a week.

Who do you side with on the Mel/Oksana drama?